Technology for Teaching Grammar


In this part I will explain about what I have learnt before in TELL courses. Yah obviously about Technology for Teaching Grammar. I will explain and show it to you guys what technology can help us in teaching especially in teaching grammar. And here we go!

  1. Teaching Grammar using HotPotatoes 

HotPotatoes is an application that very cool^^. This application provide at least six features; interactive multiple-choice, short-answer, jumbled-sentence, crossword, matching/ordering and gap-fill exercises for the World Wide Web.

hp 1

But before you use this application you have to download it first. And the most important thing is this application is free yeay! as long as you have to download it first like I have explain it before.

If you are interested and wanna check it, you can click this button HotPotatoes

As I promised before, I will explain how this application can be used to teach grammar. Firstly, I use JCloze, JCloze it self is one of features of HotPotatoes.

hp 1

Through this feature you as a teacher can create a question that have related to the grammar. This feature can make a question with  gap-fill models.

The things that you need is you have to download it first of course, then click JCloze after you click the display will appear as shown above. And then you can write or copy-paste text that you think it is appropriate to teach grammar. Here I want to teach Past Tense so I used Narrative text. If you wanna check it, you can click this button BRITISH COURSE; NARRATIVE TEXT

hp 1

After you copy-paste or write your text, then you have to click one of features that JCloze provided; Gap (to make gap in your text), Delete Gap (to delete gap in your text), Clear Gaps (to clear or remove all gaps), Auto-Gap (to make gap automatically), Show Words (to show the gaps).

hp 1

After you finish create your question using HotPotatoes you can export your work to htm. You can check my questions that I create using HotPotatoes by click this button MY HOTPOTATOES


  2.  Teaching Grammar using Google Form

The next technology that I want to show to you is Google Form. Google Form is one of features that provided by Google. Through Google Form you can create many things such as; making survey, Q and A, Analysis even to make Quiz for learning.

Here I will show you how to make quiz for teaching grammar. Firstly, you have to open Google Form by click this button “GOOGLE FORM”

hp 1

After that, the things that you need to do is click Gallery for Template and the scroll down until you find template for quiz (the purple one). After you find it, just click it

hp 1

You can decide your question based on what you need whether you want to make short answer question or you just want to make multiple choice question.

HERE my question that I create using Google Form GRAMMAR QUIZ

 3. Teaching Grammar Using Quizizz

hp 1

Quizizz is an application that we can use to teach not only for teaching grammar but we can use to teach vocabulary, history even science we can use Quizizz.

hp 1

To create your own question using Quizizz, you have to sign in first and then go to Teacher Dashboard click it!. And then find create New a New Quiz click it!

hp 1

After that you will find Collections. The next step that you have to do is click Created by me. hp 1

In this step you have to write your question. After you finished you can click save.

HERE my product that I create using Quizizz, you can click this button QUIZIZZ’S PRODUCT



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